Made from the finest, American grown, CBD isolate-producing hemp plants. These 5ml tinctures are a superb way to use CBD on a daily basis. CBD isolate oil has the potential to and has been studied to help aid many medical conditions. Please explore our guide to CBD to better understand all the amazing potential benefits CBD. Infused with terpenes for added health benefits.


Available Flavors
200 MG - Tangerine
200 MG - Cinamon
200 MG - Natural
200 MG - Spearmint
200 MG - Peppermint
200 MG - Grapefruit
200 MG - Coffee



  • Medium-chain triglyceride extract or CBD isolate 
  • C02 Hemp Extract/CBD Complex
  • Tepenes: Beta-Mycrene and Beta-Caryophllene for increased effectiveness

Medi Organic 5ml Flavored Tinctures - 200mg


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