Who We Are

Soothe & Main is an upscale destination for relaxation focused on health and wellness. Our stores offer a variety of healthcare modalities such as zero gravity dry float beds and localized and whole body cryotherapy devices that help consumers with a myriad of health solutions along with a selection of high quality CBD products that work.

The Experience

When you enter s a Soothe & Main Store, you will experience a very different atmosphere than most health and wellness shops.


Our luxury stores will include digital stations where you can answer a series of questions and be presented with a total package suggestion ​incorporating the appropriate modalities for your specific needs, in addition to CBD products that have the option to be auto shipped monthly.

Digital Technology

By using proprietary digital technology, we take you on a journey of discovery, by answering very non invasive questions that will lead the system to identify possible health issues and recommending the right combination of modalities and products that will solve the issue, all while taking out that face to face sales pressure.

It's A Destination

Our locations are committed to giving back to the community via strategic use of the health equipment in store; including dry float beds, Cryo Blast, Cryo Sculpting, InfraRed Sauna, Zero Gravity Chairs and more.

Continual Education

Just by continuing to visit our stores, you may be invited on an ongoing basis to attend education classes on our health modalities and CBD. We want you to be comfortable using our modalities, so we continue to educate our staff on new advances and information so they can pass that on to you to ensure your experience is as relaxing as possible and most suitable for your needs!

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